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How does Trusted Living Care promote my business?

Trusted Living Care will  be able to promote your business on a larger scale than most small companies or businesses have the ability to do. This is because a portion of each membership towards direct SEO & marketing in your area. Assisted living homes love to advertise with Trusted Living Care because while you are a member we do not charge placement fee's or referral fees, that means 100% of the profits go to you. Your Trusted Living Care membership is paid for multiple times over with just the first placement. Additionally, you get to speak with potential clients directly. No broker or middleman. Our platform has reduced the amount of confusion and created transparency during the placement and transition process.

What is the benefit of choosing a higher Tier?

Choosing the higher tier has many benefits. Other than your listing being able to have more information, be more descriptive and show more features the Platinum tier will also help to bring more traffic to your site and listing. This is because they are the first listings to show in the search results and have premium SEO capabilities. Platinum listings also will be featured under designated featured listings sections throughout the site. 

What if I need help creating my listing?

Although our platform is very easy to use if you need extra help do not fear! we have the support you need, Trusted Living Care will have your listing professionally created. All we need from you is the media and information and we will Get it done. Click here to get started. 

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