Why advertise with Trusted Living Care?


The TLC Advantage

With your exclusive membership you get to create your own unique listing. Your listing can feature pictures, videos, virtual tours, GOOGLE street view of your property, description of your company, turn by turn directions, social media profiles, community demographics and so much more.




Example listing

What Makes TLC Different?

Trusted Living Care is not just another assisted living directory. TLC is a powerful, and transparent service. We have cut out the middle-man along with the expensive referral fees or “placement fees”. TLC is an exclusive membership and only accepts the highest quality facilities. Families trust TLC, and Businesses can count on quality unique leads.


Listing Analytics

There’s more! We have integrated a state of the art dashboard, that includes an advanced interactive analytics interface. You can now look at detailed graphs and readings of how many people have viewed your listings, left reviews, average daily visitors, time spent on your listing and more.

Manage your listings, View detailed analytics and read reviews all from our new Dashboard.


Advertising & SEO

Advertise on a much larger scale at a fraction of the cost. Your own listing will be searchable by Google and other search engines. Your listing will contain all your information, descriptions, events, Social media profiles, reviews and more. Your listing on TLC allows your company to be seen more times, by more people. Grow your business faster and easier by letting us do the heavy lifting.  Advertising online can be expensive…with our SEO capabilities we will increase the traffic driven to your website and to your front door.




At Trusted Living Care we believe that events and gatherings are an important part of a successful community.

Within your listing you can add customizable events. These events will be displayed directly on your listing and displayed on  the events page for everyone to see. These events are a great way of gathering friends, families, sell tickets, increase attendance and bring potential clients together.


Events in listing

Scroll down to see what it looks like!







Always count on trusted reviews while your listing is on Trusted Living Care. Past clients will be able to leave reviews on your listing about their experience. The reviews system gives your listing credibility and transparency. It informs others of the experiences they enjoyed while working with you. Your stars count (1-5) will also be branded on the main listings photo. Showing everyone that your business is top notch. Reviews will be approved by the TLC team and checked to make sure they are accurate and credible.


TLC’s Exclusive Membership

TLC’s membership encompasses many benefits, Including access to unique leads and being part of an Elite community utilizing today’s highest technology and tools available. 

Our membership is broken up in 3 tiers, the lower the tier the less features your listing can support. See our price table for the different features each tier offers.

The TLC Difference

Unlike our competitors we do not charge placement fees, or referral fees!  Best of all you don’t have to deal with “advisors” or brokers. Why continue to pay hefty placement fees…that’s a thing of the past! Assisted Living homes love working with TLC because YOU get to work with the families directly. This proves to be a benefit for the families and the business owners alike, ensuring a smooth and transparent transition process. Trusted Living Care is revolutionizing the way families search for assisted living, don’t be left behind. Join today!


Choose a membership tier and register your account in 5 easy steps!

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