• Why Use Trusted Living Care to Search for Assisted Living

    (Article) Trusted Living Care is an online search directory. Our sole purpose is to create a transparent, reliable and easy to use service that connects you to the best assisted living homes nationwide. Similar to searching for a hotel or an apartment online, you want to be able to find the best place, for the best price, and the best location. How do you do that Online? By comparing photos, videos, reviews and more!

  • 4 Easy Dietary Changes Senior Can Make To Live Healthier Lives

    (Article) Healthy living revolves around regular exercise and eating well. But in old age, we ought to pay even more attention to our diet. If we do this, we can prevent many diseases and be sure that our well-being and quality of life are protected. Thanks to the research conducted by the National Resource Center on Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Aging, we know that one in every four older adults lacks proper nutrition. Because of this, many of the elderly are at high risk of gaining or losing weight unconventionally, developing various diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, and having their muscles and bones weaken. Some seniors find it hard to keep their diet in balance, especially if they have a medical condition that puts them in and out of the hospital or leaves them without finances to buy the right food.

  • Home Safety Tips For Seniors Who Live Alone

    (Article) What almost all seniors want is to live the rest of their days in their beloved home. This is the primary reason why a third of those seniors who don’t live in care facilities live in their homes. Half of that third are women older than 75. There are many reasons why the elderly want to stay inside their homes, and they revolve around being in a familiar place, in a community they know and love, and most of all to preserve their independence.

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